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The Darwin Martin House offers tours and programs that relate to architecture, engineering, art, history, design and more. Tours can be tailored to fit your classrooms individual needs.  Contact us today to hear more about any of our educational offerings.

School Tours

School tours are recommended for grades 3 and up.  School tours are $8 per student.

Martin House Tour's are 90 minutes, but can be shortened for younger school groups.  The 90 minute program will tour the Barton House, the Martin House, the Pergola and Conservatory.  

Thanks to the generosity of the Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealers Association, the Martin House is offering funding support for transportation for school learning trips to our site. Spaces are limited. Please contact us today to find out more information.

College Tours

Martin House Tour- 90 minutes: $10.00 per student

On Site Programs

All programs are 1 ½ hours long and include a tour: $12 per student

Currently we work with schools on a variety of programs that focus on art, history, engineering and architecture.  Programs can be focused on the teachers curriculum. Call today to speak with the director of education about different options.

Grades: 3-12 (all programs can be adapted to be grade specific)

Art Glass of the Martin House: Architecture is art! Explore the unique art glass windows at the site and create your own art glass template.

Engineering past and present: Discover how the Martin House is an engineering marvel.  Tour the house through an engineer's eyes and understand the unique design through either experimenting with geo-exchange or I-Beam construction.

Grades: K-2

Architecture SHAPES Our World: The built environment is made up of different shapes.  Learn about the shapes through the lens of Buffalo Architecture and explore the many shapes in the Martin House.  Create your own 2D structure on paper to take with you!

To reserve any of these programs, email us or call 716-856-3858 ext. 206

 Teachers and Administrators!

Are you looking for a unique professional development for your staff?  Inquire today to find out about teacher workshops at the Martin House!


Classroom Outreach

We can coordinate an outreach program to your classroom which is a great way to introduce your students to the Martin House.  Programs are one class period and can be used in combination with a tour (recommended) or as a stand-alone presentation.

Programs are $75 per class.

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Martin House Complex

Who were Frank Lloyd Wright and Darwin Martin? How do the architectural elements of the Martin House make it unique?  Why was this house revolutionary? Students explore these questions through a visual program designed to introduce them to the site.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Art Glass

The Martin House Complex contains nearly 400 works of art glass.  Explore nature in the different geometric patterns and discover how they add an unparalleled richness to the site.

Breaking the Box

How does the structure of the Martin House make it different from its contemporaries?  Students will learn about the I-Beam and other building materials that make this house unique through an interactive presentation.


Junior Docent Program

Are you looking for a unique program for your students or scout group?  Think about the Junior Docent Program!  In this three-part program, participants will learn about local history, gain public speaking skills and take a leadership role in the interpretation of this important local landmark.  Contact us for more details.


 Do you want to learn more about how local cultural organizations can help you in your classroom?  Visit MECOB - Museum Education Consortium of Buffalo.

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