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Spring Narcissus at the Martin House

Martin House News
May 18, 2015

Several old-fashioned varieties of Narcissus, including the Nonesuch Daffodil and the Poeticus Daffodil, for example, were planted at the Martin House as part of the sequence of bloom in the gardens.  Narcissus, a spring-flowering bulb, is mostly native to the Mediterranean region, but a few species are found through central Asia to China.  Most species found in America today were brought over by the early colonists from Europe.

A favorite for cutting and interior display, these flowers were pictured in several historic images of the Martin House.  Here they are used in an arrangement on the dining room table in the Martin House, with tulips forced in a copper tray under the Chicago style window in the background.


Image: Martin House Dining Room. Collection University at Buffalo Archives (MS_22.5_1129)

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