Frank Lloyd Wright's
Martin House Complext
Martin House Complex Board of Directors
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Robert J. Kresse, Esq., Chairman of the Board
Keith M. Stolzenburg, President
Jeffrey A. Wellington, Vice President
Thomas J. Murrer, Treasurer
John E. Siegel, Assistant Treasurer
Sylvia M. Tokasz, Secretary
Mary F. Roberts, Executive Director

Board Members

Gwen O. Arcara
Douglas Bean
Sheldon M. Berlow
Daniel E. Cantara, III
Brian Carter
R. Lorraine Collins, Ph.D.
Frank Cravotta
Donna L. DeCarolis
Gayle L. Eagan, Esq.
Rose H. Harvey, Ex-Officio
Bonnie Hopkins

Anne M. Leary
Betsey Locke
Rev. James Maher
Kevin Malchoff
Michael J. Montante
Michael Osika, Ex-Officio
Jack F. Quinan, Ph.D.
Robert B. Skerker
Mark Thomas
Satish K. Tripathi, Ex-Officio
John N. Walsh, III
Susan Warren

Terrence M. Gilbride, Esq. of Counsel

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